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27 min readDec 2, 2020

We held an AMA with AnRKey X in our public Telegram channel on December 1st.

AnRKey X is an Ethereum based platform where 3 worlds merge, DeFi, eSports, and Web 3.0 NFT’s. The platform combines these elements with DeFi liquidity reward farming and staking to create a new form of crypto gaming, called m$ports.

The launch game of AnRKey X is called Battlewave 2323 which pits 9 armies against each other in a weekly game in which liquidity farming, staking and NFT’s all combine to see which army can topple the other and take the rewards for the week! Rewards are earned in the native $ANRX coin, which of course, is also required for staking on the platform. Additional games will follow shortly after.

AnRKey X also includes several bespoke elements, a gDEX (Decentralized Finance Gaming Platform Exchange), Automated Economic Logic Modeling and an Automated Self-Balancing Fair Market Value System.

“AnRKey X allows users to Purchase, Play, Stake NFTs and Compete in the Future of Defi Based Gaming”

AnRKey X will be having a public sale on December 7th on a TBA platform —

The project will launch with a ~$438,750K market cap.

AnRKey X recently announced a partnership with Matic Network to power their Layer 2 scalability.

You can visit the AnRKey X Telegram channel or the AnRKey X Website for further details.

Here’s what AnRKey X’s Founder, CEO and Art Director J.D. Salbego had to say in the AMA.*

*This AMA has been edited for clarity.

WC (Wolf Crypto Telegram Member)



Welcome to yet another edition of Wolf Crypto AMA…this one is going to be a fun one, as it covers a few different niches, video games, Esports, NFT’s and of course blockchain…so there’s a bit more to talk about than the usual generic “DeFi” projects!

Joining us today is the Founder, CEO & Art Director of AnRKey X J.D. Salbego!



Welcome J,D, it’s our pleasure to have you here today. As someone who’s obviously involved in the blockchain space, worked in the entertainment industry and has also been involved in NFT projects, I’m quite excited about this AMA…

Before we get too far into it though, I’d love to hear some background from yourself, as I know you too have a long history in the entertainment industry , and how that’s led to mashing that experience into the blockchain?


I’ve been an artist, musician and creative producer my whole life starting with graffiti and urban art as a kid and teenager, including still having a huge scar on my hand from hopping freeway’s to paint murals with my graffiti crew and cutting it on the barbed wire fences!

Haha true story for real… I still have a mural up I did 21 years ago in Los Angeles. I went into the music and entertainment business end of high school working with creatives and global A-list celebrities in that industry for 17 years starting out as a recording engineer, music producer, songwriter, artist, record label owner, celebrity live show and content producer with companies like NBC, etc. I was on TV a couple times too.

I’ve been in crypto and DeFi for 5+ years and have become a global leader in DeFi and crypto, market influencer, speaker, published author, and internationally-recognized subject matter expert. I’m a featured contributor on, and regularly speak at leading conferences around the world like World Economic Forum, Blockshow, and many more.

My work has been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance etc., including being linked to boosting Japan’s economy with blockchain.


So I know as part of your blockchain experience you’ve traveled the world speaking at various conferences, but something I found in my research for this AMA was that you have some solid ties to Japan…and as most would know, the Japanese LOVE their video games!

I’d love to know the connect there and your experience with the Japanese crypto space, which has pretty much remained isolated from the rest of the world in many regards while at the same time, in the video games space, they’re a global exporter and pretty much the gold standard for console development and creative and unique gaming IP?


Japan is one of our top markets as well as China and we already have team members there as well as major media partners. We’ve already been featured in CoinTelegraph Japan, all across media in China with major KOL support too. Our website is translated in Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.

I lived there for over a year back in 2018 in the height of the ICO boom as Japan was the biggest crypto economy in the world at that time. I was COO and advisor with a number of blockchain projects there, had the largest ICO in Japan, and co-organized the largest blockchain conference in the world to date in Tokyo with 15,000+ attendees. We were featured in Business Insider and Forbes linking our conference to boosting Japan’s economy with blockchain.

You learn more about that and my experience in crypto on my official site —

…and my press sheet/bio —

This is the best part for your Japan question and shows how much I LOVE Tokyo and how important that market is to us. We have Japanese game NFT characters cards too…more on that later.

If you have VR headset out then slap them on and step into the AnRKey X virtual reality world!

This is our official Tokyo headquarters — The AnRKey X Virtual NFT Art Gallery and Event space. We are integrating a purchase point where you purchase NFTs directly within our virtual NFT art gallery.

We’ve done a couple events already in here last month. We just updated with the public sale info too!

Its actually prime virtual real estate in Shibuya Tokyo — the art, fashion and design center of Tokyo!


I watched one of your videos on about “Fintech in a Post-Pandemic Future” in preparation for this AMA.

While I have you here, I’d love to know your opinions on how this pandemic is shaping a potential future of digital tech like Blockchain and how that might relate to the gaming niche as well?


Well people are stuck at home with way more time on their hands and the only way to interactive with people is virtually, so I personally believe that the Farming and DeFi boom came out of the COVID pandemic.

Our industry actually grew from COVID, trading on exchanges grew during these times, and that’s how our idea and project came to be, as people are stuck at home now and games and earning APY rewards are probably one the best experiences you can have while stuck at home haha!

Why play regular games when you can play our m$ports (money sports) games and have fun and win super APY boosted NFTs and multiple other game functions to boost APY more then another platform in the market?


Just on that note, as someone who’s lived in both an online and offline world, pre-Internet if you want to call it that, and as someone who is also an avid Black Mirror fan, how do you see society managing the balance between the “real world” and “virtual world” as we translation through a predominantly pre-COVID digital era into what is now fast becoming almost entirely online?


I’m an old man at 38 and still like to do phone calls with people…I’m still old school in that way.

I think technology needs to progress so virtual and real world experience can be better integrated…hence why no one uses Google Glass and AR hasn’t taken off yet.


As much as I’m a basement virgin and Internet nerd, I occasionally liked going out and seeing the odd person or two and I certainly don’t want the dystopia of Black Mirror to become an actual reality…where is the middle ground between the two and how do we find it?


I love being around people personally, I get too lonely wrapped up in virtual worlds 24/7!

I just think it will be a natural progression based on tech advancement and the human condition that will naturally guide the balance because human beings need physical interaction and actual physical touch.

Literally mammals, including us humans will die after birth if deprived of physical touch and nurturing, just look it up…it’s science!


So that’s enough about you…for now…a huge USP of your project is the unique artwork. Before we get into the other team members, I’d love to know who the creative genius is behind all of this…and what other work have they done that I can check out?


Haha I’m not only the CEO and Founder, but I’m also the Art Director.

I was an artist since I was a kid and even have a mural up back home in Los Angels with my best friend who went on to become a top urban graffiti artist and just recently was the first to create a mural and AR art exhibit experience with app as well. It’s about 150 foot on the side of a building too! We are doing collabs with him soon. He’s also one of Hollywood's top story board artist too for movies, commercials and music videos with major celebrity artists.

After art I went in the music and entertainment business Hollywood as music, creative content and media was my passion too. I started our as a recording engineer as i was always into tech, became Snoop Dogs head engineer at his label at 21, became a successful music producer working with global celebrities like Jason Derulo, Britney Spears, Usher, etc, had a record label with Warner Music group, produced shows with studios like NBC and YouTube, etc etc, went into TV/film development and financing, then entertainment tech and celebrity content, then crypto.

I’ve been in the creative, design, and entertainment world for 17 years prior to crypto.


Let’s talk about the other players you have as part of your AnRKey X clan and where their gaming or blockchain pedigree comes from?


All of our team members are notable blockchain figures. Most have worked with major projects for years in the industry and are very recognized. Our VP of Ops came out of gaming and tech as well working at JAKKS Pacific which is Mattel’s #1 competitor.

We’re also in discussion with new gaming advisors too. Our marketing team which are 3rd party but basically acts as in-house, are ex game industry people and who are some of the biggest in DeFi marketing. Anyone in this chat who is connected can ask around the industry to find out who they are!

We are also partnered with Waypoint, a leading game studios that develops our games and platform front end, along with our back end teams.

They have worked with major game brands and IP like Sony, Pokemon, Final Fantasy Terminator, etc


I note as part of your team you have quite a few “Heads of Ecosystem Growth”.

Real talk this for me, what will those people actually do and how will they actually grow the ecosystem…and is this an online or offline role?


Haha, yes they are all real and yes they have both offline and online presence as most are in Asia where COVID is not running wild now.

They handle those markets for us with biz dev and community and we will further localize more next year. You can look them up on LinkedIn too and see their backgrounds.



Let’s get into a bit of background stuff before taking on the crux of the project itself.

Being a bit of an oldie, one of the things that struck me most about your project is the fidelity to what could probably be considered the golden age of gaming, the coin op, 8 bit gaming era.

Give me some of your history there, what was your favourite coin-op, your first console, your favourite games and maybe how gaming and various games have shaped your life along the way?

I’m assuming the impact these games had on your life is what’s led you to use it as a design spec for this project?


My first console was Nintendo NES which had the first Mario Bros game, funnily enough, we are already in talks with Atari who was also one of the original developers, for partnerships and possibly licensing one of their old popular games on our platform.

My ALL time favorite teenager game was Tekken 2…it had the most combos out of any fighting game! As games progressed obviously 007 on N64 was then my favourite and Mario Cart too…so many good times in my teens…as games developed I really got into Halo on XBox and still play it non-stop to this day!

Basically I used all my consumer experience as a gamer to build our games, as I know what like to play, I know what makes games easy to play and understand which is what the major problem is with DeFi products right now…that they are so complicated.


What about the games themselves…I know my “time to exit” stage in the gaming industry was the death of the truly creative and inspired AAA titles and the degradation of gaming as what they once were as they went mobile. That’s not to mention the trend of the large gaming houses like EA cranking out what’s essentially the same game over and over again, year in and year out…

I’d love to hear your thoughts on that, the current state of the gaming industry and where you feel true creativity and storytelling can be found in the gaming space now?


I can agree with you on that for sure.

It’s the same with the movie and music business…the commercialization of safe and programmatic entertainment became the norm, pushed because technology allowed more customer and market data aggregating as well …hence why every major movie release is Marvel or Disney and every major artist sounds like Justin Beiber or the rapper Future.

You know this being the Wolf from Reservoir Dogs… that era of true independent risk taking artistic movies and commercials from the 90's will never come back ever!


Haha, here’s one for you on the commercial front…

Before we move into the specifics of the AnRKey X platform, it would be remiss of me not to ask you more about NFT’s…

While not exactly a new concept, after all, in 2017 we had CryptoKitties clogging up the ETH chain and NFT’s were going to be the next big thing then, before we went into a protracted bear market and NFT’s become persona non grata in people’s portfolios….2020 has seen somewhat of a renaissance in NFT’s…although this has slightly cooled off as the market has cooled off…however as we’re now starting to heat up again, I’d love know, what’s your general opinion on NFT’s,, where do you see them headed now we’re “second gen” and what’s been your emphasis behind including them in your project?


Here’s a sneak peak…

I think they’re great but have inherent problems without any true economic supply and demand foundations and can’t scale currently because of these issue.

That’s one of the major things we are solving with our platform…creating a true revived base value of our NFTs to enable vibrant markets and scalability

You can learn more about in our light paper here!



So with that background in mind, give me your elevator pitch as to what AnRKey X is and what you’re trying to achieve with the project?


Founded by recognized global leaders in blockchain, crypto assets, and DeFi, the AnRKey X™ protocol platform is a gDEX (Decentralized Finance Gaming Platform Exchange), designed to merge DeFi, eSports, and Web 3.0 NFTs into one on their gaming platform creating a brand new industry called m$ports (money sports). AnRKey X’s token, $ANRX, works just like an arcade coin, the more you purchase, play, stake, sell, and compete, the more $ANRX you earn within the AnRKey X™ gaming system.

With over 30+ years of combined experience working with blockchain-focused companies, crypto funds & exchanges, the team aims to combine DeFi liquidity reward farming and staking with community driven eSports and Web 3.0 NFTs.

Our goal as we are a real game and NFT art studio and will be releasing continuous games and NFT drops in all our m$ports™ genre, with our first game Battle Wave 2323™ is to create Continual games and NFT drops based not only on game economic derived base values, but also based on story arcs utilizing the main characters in our AnRKey X™ games universe to create episodic content in the form of interactive games that we will continually release, creates ongoing renewing interest in our brand, with new stories and NFTs released frequently and new games coming out each quarter.

Here’s a glimpse of how you play!


Thank you for the pitch, however before we move forward, let’s get some terminology stuff out of the way so this whole thing is a little easier to understand…Firstly, what’s a gDEX and how does it work?


gDEX stands for Decentralized Finance Gaming Platform Exchange as we have the same components and functions as a game platform and web dapp mixed into a decentralized finance NFT exchange.

This is all merged into one platform and it’s pretty unique and revolutionary!


How about m$ports…how do they differ to esports?

Is this some fancy new terminology without much meaning or is there some actual utility/gamification/logic etc behind that one?


Esports is competitive gaming mostly within virtual teams. We are money sports m$ports because we have virtual teams AND you are playing for APY rewards within DeFi based APY boosted NFT games.

It’s quite simple but powerful at the same time.


Couple of mouthfuls coming up…what’s an “automated self-balancing fair market value system”…it sounds…complex…and how does it work in practice?


These logic models have algorithmic parameters that dictate the economics of our gamification. What we did is generate a system which is transparent and safe, protecting users from rug pullers and whales who try to dominate the game.

The result is even distribution of power across all of our users through numerous logic models based on automated deflationary and inflationary forces, randomization, limited actions, linear and timelined based decreasing of chances and variables, etc.


In a similar vein, what is an “Automated Economics Logic Model and again, how does this actually work?


Our derived base value innovation in our NFT economic logic models automatically create vibrant markets with “true derived base value” instantly upon minting/creation.

This token model is optimized so that $ANRX is consistently supported by inflationary forces outweighing deflationary forces by a factor of two. This concept balances 6 components: packages purchased for NFTs, the base rate of the NFTs, the depreciation rate of the NFT yield, randomized upgrades, weekly winning NFTs, and limits on the number of NFTs held per user.


So a twofold question for you, one, I’m assuming that since you have a large liquidity mining component to the project, you’re based on the ETH network, and two, how does the liquidity mining aspect of things play into the overall mechanics of the platform?


We actually just upgraded and partnered with Matic for layer 2. They love our project and have given us all their devs and even their COO to advise our project.

We have a very strategic emissions epoch rate and a token recycling strategy in our tokenomics for future games and to keep buy pressure and supply and demand high.

It’s just like burning but better for our game economics!


So if I understand this correctly, liquidity mining is the key gamification aspect of the platform, similar to YieldWars, players will contribute liquidity to various pools, stake their LP tokens they receive for contributing to the pool and thus form part of a army that competes against other armies in order to win the game and thus receive rewards as a result?


Haha these copycat guys again…

Our games are way more than that and include real game functions multiple in-game APY boosts and APY boosted NFTS, prizes, virtual teams right in our game dashboard to play, all based on derived base value economics and our collectibles line that is all sub characters and sub stories built of the similar math and our derived base value NFT models too.


What stage are you at in regards to the development and rollout of the platform?


Beta v1.37//0x.Human//[TestNet]//MainNet launch is mid December.

We’re doing a major human testnet and mainnet campaign with all the major influencers who invested in us, giving them first access to test it which is a great way to learn if you need to improve anything even from a simple UI perspective and allows them to give honest feedback to the market of our platform!

Full public launch is early January!



Let’s talk about the “first of many” games you’ll be releasing…Battlewave 2323. Firstly…what is it, how does it work and how is this initial game going to tie in or relate to future games on the platform?


Its quite easy! Just take your LP tokens from Uniswap into our Pool Armies that represent the most popular pools on Iniswap. You’ll receive an annual percentage yield (APY) of $ANRX dependent upon a particular pool’s APY.

You can stake our Sacred Relics NFTs (in addition to your LP staking) for a bonus in the liquidity pool yield. Furthermore, you can buy Arms Boosts, which act as upgrades, providing additional weekly returns. And by the way, these are all super crazy weapons from the future, with animations when you purchase and stake and all sorts of other fun game interactive experiences.

At the end of each weekly bout of Battle Wave 2323 there will be one winning Army which had the most $ANRX distributed (total aggregated APY) to its users through Arms weapons APY boosts, weapon upgrade Armaments APY boosts, APY boosted Sacred relic NFT staking cases, and the inherent yield of the liquidity pools.

After this weekly battle closes, all the team members of the winning Pool Army also receive an $ANRX airdrop prize!!

It gets even better. Our games boost more than any other platform on the market! And you get to play games with virtual teams and have fun earning rewards…hence m$ports = money sports!

9 winners from the winning Pool Army receive ultra-rare and ultra-valuable Golden Chalice NFTs. These are high-yielding power boosted NFTs that can be staked in next week’s game too!


So as I understand from the above, Battlewave 2323 will be a series of week long games that form a part of the overall game itself. Does this mean this is a never ending game…and how does one actually “win” it?


These are mini games we build as web dapps and we are already developing the mobile app version Q3 2021.

Our games are similar to popular games like Candy Crush, Mafia Wars, Farmville, etc so they are not super in-depth from a gameplay functionality but they are instead very fun (and very addictive) to play.

They’re not just easy to play, you also earn tons of rewards just for playing, even if you don’t win the super APY boosted prize golden chalices NFTs!

You’ll also have the opportunity to upgrade NFTs with even more power and APY boosts and/or either sell them on our flash sale aftermarket or keep them and stake them for next weeks game.

Part of our fair market economic logic models was resetting the games too prevent from whale domination…that’s just one of the fair market logic algorithms.


So we spoke on it briefly before, but tell me how Liquidity Mining ties in specifically to Battlewave 2323?


In this game, users perform liquidity mining by competing against each other in competing virtual Pool Armies teams, as they fight to generate the most liquidity and APY.

There are 9 teams, and only one team will emerge with the crown, but unlike other games, everyone still wins!


You mention “margin flipping” on your website as part of the gamification of Battlewave 2323.

Explain to me what this means and how this gives a player an edge over the house or other players?


This is our 48 hour flash sale aftermarket for our golden chalices super APY boost prize NFTs that can be upgraded into super insane futuristic weapons with an armaments upgrade APY boost…and super gold plated, diamond encrusted with $100 bills and racks that shoot out like a bazooka that only Rambo and a cyberpunk rap version of 50 cent would be jealous of!!

I’m not joking seriously you have to see what we are creating!

The margin flipping comes as these are super APY boosted and super insane design game NFTs that all have our derived base value installed in their powerful APY boost power and price that is derived from winning pools and game economics.


Will these armies be forever fixed, or will they change over time?

Is it possible for the community to add in new LP pairs and thus armies, how do they actually go about doing so…will there be a governance page on the website that requires ANKX tokens to do so?


New pools and characters proposed by the community need a 20% quorum from the community during a 24 hour voting period for approval.

Our community games developed for our gDEX platform need that same voting approval by the community too.

You need to stake $ANRX to get voting power BUT just for staking you also receive 25% of all our transactions on our GDEX so it’s a win win situation for our community!


So as part of the game, you can earn collectable NFT’s, all of which have a backstory…super interested to hear anything you have to say about that…but also they’re classified as “highly scarce and valuable”.

Define what that specifically means?


You don’t earn our collectables, only our in game APY boosted NFTs and APY boosted in-game purchasable items and upgrades are earned during the game.

Our Universe Sidechain NFT Collectables Line is based upon Einstein’s ‘Spooky Action at a Distance’ — his observation of Quantum Entanglement — where the monetary value, power level, rarity, and quantity of our Sidechain Collectibles are directly affected by the real time derived base value economics of our games.

This same entanglement includes the creative and artistic dimension, where each of our NFT Sidechain collectibles fit into our game’s Universe as sub-characters and sub-stories, all intertwined and connected by 6° of Separation (6DoS) to the nine main game heroes. No matter how far out you go in the AnRKey X™ Universe, our automated economic logic models keep everything entangled.

You grow the value of your Universe Sidechain NFT Collectables every time you play our games, purchase APY boosts, stake NFTs or $ANRX, win rewards, or trade $ANRX Arcade Coins on exchanges


Another one on the NFT front, NFT’s are not only collectables, but they also give the holder of the NFT yield boost on the system.

Firstly, I love that idea and gamification, but I’d also love to know, how long is this boost active for, and what happens to the NFT itself after the boost period is over?


All our in-game APY boosted NFTS are burned or blacklisted after a certain time period.

That’s another part of our fair markets models that we had to implement and a byproduct of that fair market math that prevents whales from gaming the system.


So how does this gamification of NFT’s lead to being able to label individual users as “the best degen”?


Because so many degens lie about their real harvest amounts with our games everything is real APY game scores…and we have lots of them…so the degen will see their truly powerful scores and other degens weaker scores empowering them to boast and become a truly best degen!

Our platform is truly fair and honest!


I assume they’ll be a secondary market for AnRKey X NFT’s right?


We have our collectables marketplace for our universe sidechain NFT collectables line.

We will be launching that marketplace beginning of next year. For now they will be going on Raribles or OpenSea.

We are releasing our first pack later this week and have many influencers giving them away for free so join our channels!


So obviously Battlewave 2323 is the first of many games that will be released in the AnRKey X Universe, I’d love to know what the plans for future games are and how they’ll differ from Battlewave 2323?


They are all based on our economic logic models and other layers but totally unique in every way!

We have two ready to go already other then final graphics and animation.



You mentioned as part of your documentation that everything in the … universe is powered by your $ANRX Arcade Coin. We’ve covered some aspects of that above, but how about you TLDR for me what these exact functionalities are?


Our native arcade coin “$ANRX” has 12 medium of exchange utility functions, and works just like an arcade coin used at a physical video arcade. The more you utilize its multiple functions to purchase, play, stake, sell, and compete, the more you earn $ANRX within the gaming system.

Our utility mechanisms and True Derived NFT Base Value enable a vibrant and robust economic ecosystem that stimulates high growth and usage.


  1. Purchasing upgrades Armaments for Golden Chalices
  2. Purchasing Sacred Relic NFT Packs
  3. Purchasing Arms Boosts
  4. Purchasing After-Market Game Winner Limited NFTs
  5. Purchasing Battle Wave NFTs
  6. Purchasing AnRKey X™ Universe Side-Chain Collectables NFTs


  1. Rewards Distribution for Yield Farming APY
  2. NFT Rewards Distributed to the Winners of the Game
  3. Sacred Relic NFT Pack Rewards
  4. Shared AnRKey X™ Profit Distribution For gDEX Users
  5. Profit from selling Golden Chalices NFTs
  6. Profit from selling Universe Side-Chain Collectable NFTs


So past the base utility, there’s a couple of things I wanted to discuss. Firstly, users obviously receive rewards for winning various games and these rewards are distributed in ANRX tokens right?

What plan do you have to manage additional sell pressure that comes as a result of these tokens being continually distributed week by week?


We do buys backs, have a major token recycling strategy similar to budding where we recycle back in our reserves for future games and take them off the market continuously.

Weekly Tokens Sent to Reserve Pool for Future Games & Rewards

100% of all tokens used for gameplay, gacha packs, and boosts are sent to the Reserve Pool for the first year of gameplay.

75% of all tokens sent to the Reserve Pool in year 2

50% of all tokens sent to the Reserve Pool in year 3

25% of all tokens sent to the Reserve Pool in year 4

Transaction Buyback and Added to Treasury

50% of all token transaction fees to buy back tokens for the first 6 months (these tokens will be locked into the treasury).

25% from month 6–12

10% forever after 1yr

Stake for AnRKey X™ Collectable NFTs

Users who stake their tokens will be eligible for a lottery draw of extremely rare collectable NFTs — ***A portion of the bi-weekly AnRKey X™ Universe Side-Chain Collectibles Line drops will be airdropped for staking.

Ecosystem Partnerships Gamified Staking

Stake $ARNX for other game and NFT project’s tokens via a 15–30–45–60 day lockups within interactive gamified staking ecosystem dashboard.


On a similar note, you mention on your website that 25% of all gDEX transaction revenue is given back to the community.

Firstly, how is this revenue created and in what way is it given back to the community?


All transaction across our gDEX and users receive this by staking $ANRX.


Moving forward, with new games and functionality on the platform, do you expect to add in any additional utility for the ANRX token?


We will continually be adding in new games with new and more game purchase and play functions, new dashboards for predictions etc…

We have many plans in the works to keep each game unique in not only game characters and stories in our universe but also game mechanics too!



So I did mention revenue in my last line of questioning, but I’m interested to know specifically how AnRKey X yourselves makes money…is it just via trade fees on the gDEX or is there something more to it?


All transaction fees across all utility functions and revenue streams. We take .04% for all transactions except for NFT’s, where we take .06%.

Also just for staking $ANRX, users can receive 25% of all our transaction fees across our gDEX!



Yours is quite a unique project, so it’s difficult to come up with any direct competition 1:1 at least, however there are some commonalities here between AnRKey X and YieldWars.

What are your thoughts on YieldWars, have they been used as a source of inspiration or a reference along the way, and what do you feel are your key points of difference?


Hahah our early version of our whitpaper leaked. YieldWars literally copied us but in a pathetic way! Literally stole our army names almost word for word and our pool concepts! But luckily only a very early version so it’s like nothing even close.

So funny you brought that up! They, among some others who copied us very publicly, have been a good source of comedy through our company for a while now! You can go on our Twitter about a month back and see when we called another project out publicly for literally stealing stuff from us! Like right after we launched they copied immediately and switched things, stole our catch phrase too haha!

That’s why we have never released our whitepaper because we knew this would happen as DeFi is scammy right now with a bunch of idiot anons running around scamming investors and projects.

We just released our light paper like 4 days ago almost 2 months after being live lol. We probably will never share our whitepaper as that’s the secret sauce but we are releasing a ton of our deeper architecture even future soon so a ytay posted …just without out secret sauce logic models based on physics level math and models…



Before we get too far into the token sale stuff, can you please drop your full token metrics on me?



I guess the first question to lead with on this is, wen public sale?


December 7th! Next Monday!


A very obvious follow up to that one…where public sale?


It’s with a very major launch platform partner you all know who has launched some of the biggest DeFi projects.

We’ll be making announcements in a day or so! Join our channels to see them!


Last one on the public sale before moving onto other questions, how can a user participate in it…what are the requirements or qualifying criteria?


Users have to perform KYC and some countries are restricted like the US.

We will be providing all news and links to it in our community channels!


I see you’ve had a few previous sales rounds, pre-seed, seed, private one and private two…

Can you give me an approximate date on when money was raised in these rounds and how much USD value was raised in each?


***Mainnet launch triggers vesting schedules

9.15 — Pre-Seed

Opened Official Private Sales on 10.2

10.2 — Seed + Private 1

10.3 — Private 2 (saved $50k for reverse airdrop campaign to build up to public sale)

12.7- Public Sale


Have there been any funds, KOL’s or individual’s of note you’ve raised from as part of these rounds?


15 of the top DeFi influencers invested in our project as well as a few top DeFi funds.

Our whole company vision, business models, and innovation within our gDEX platform protocol based on Automated Economic Logic Models are based on Fair Markets and Whale protection so we purposely didn’t take token investment from a lot of funds as they always want to invest large amounts.

We only took investments from 3 funds: Moonrock Capital, Rarestone Capital, and Definition Fund, and even their allocations were less than $10k.

The community can rest assured that 95%+ of the investors only were allocated $2.5k-5k. We are probably the only project ever to do it like this as the users and investors are our top priority and there needs to be big changes in DeFi that we are spearheading.


By the time you finish the public sale round, how much will you have raised in total, again in USD?


$1,397,500 USD.


Based on the various rounds and raise amounts, what will be the day one market cap for the project?


$438,750 USD.


I see that you have a token tranche dedicated to Uniswap and AMM liquidity. I assume it will be the first point of call when it comes to listing the token…and if so, will this be directly after the completion of the public sale?


We are listing on DEX and CEX at the exact same time to prevent bots from front running and destroying the price by pumping it up and dumping.

Price discovery will be built on the CEX upon listing same time as DEX.



Does AnRKey X have a Github?


Yes and organizing as we speak will release soon.


Where are you guys based?


Haha everywhere literally.

Our main operations offices are in Bangkok and Los Angeles, with team members, partners who are like the team everywhere, literally everywhere!


Where is AnRKey X incorporated?




Do you have a legal opinion that your ANKX token isn’t a security?


Ha yes of course!

I can’t believe projects actually don’t have that, hence why you are even asking me …to be clear we ALL have been in this industry a VERY long time and with very public successful track records so that should validate some trust here in all these questions.


Has the ANRX token already been minded and if so, what is the contract address?


Yes but are updating functions because we switched to Matic L2 network and partnered with them…they are like part of our team now they love us so much.

No need to share yet you can look it up if you want you all to know our ticker, as all the tokens are in one address still that I hold.

We will be locking all our team tokens with Unicrypt and publicly listed online for the community. Team tokens are locked for 12 months.


Not that they seem to count for much these days, but wen audit?


Yes, both via our internal dev team and then a company like CertiK.



I’m very appreciative of all the time and detail you’ve given us today, looking forward to all these announcements coming out between now and the 7th of December!


Thanks for hosting me this was a BLASTTTTT!

See you guys soon!

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