DeFi just got easier with Frontier v2

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3 min readOct 5, 2021

The amazing team at Frontier has doubled down on their success over the past two years with the release of their featured packed v2 application.

After trying out the new release for the past few weeks, here are a few comments on Frontier v2.

Wallet Management — Turbo-charged

Wallet management is a pain, and to successfully DeFi ape, you need to access ape opportunities scattered all across different chains. From ETH to BSC, SOL, AVAX, POLY, FTM, the list goes on…

Managing all these wallets is WAY too hard so being able to access and USE all these wallets and chains within the one interface is a HUGE edge.

Using Frontier’s Wallet Connect compatibility allows the Frontier apo to connect other mobile wallets like Trust, Metamask, Rainbow, Argent, Rainbow, ImToken etc, which makes it possible to manage multiple wallets across multiple chains, all within the one frontend.

Frontier V2 also comes with the feature of naming your wallet on ~14 chains to help keep track of them easily.

Staking made Easy

Staking within the app is super easy as it shows in one click the currently available chains — Bluzelle, Band, Kava, Harmony, Polygon. After clicking on one of the chains that appear in the opportunity tab, the various validators with their reward offerings appear. As long as your wallet for a particular chain is funded/connected, you can simply tap and stake. Easy.

The home of NFTs

With Frontier’s V2, you can not only view your NFTs and their associated value, but you can also port them over, house them in-app, and leverage some of the NFT staking protocols available via Frontier like Aavegotchi.

The in-app dapp browser also allows for direct access to NFT marketplaces like Opensea, Superrare, Rarible etc, and by using the NFT filter within the app, you can also explore DEXs lending, staking and other utilities for NFTs/NFT protocols.

Fiat to Crypto

For users looking for a direct entry point to crypto using Fiat, you can now use Google and Apple Pay to deposit fiat to crypto directly into one of your Frontier wallets. As a pain point for new users entering crypto is getting some fiat into crypto in the first place, so this should help not only normiers but the adoption of the Frontier app over time.


We invested in Frontier as we saw a gap in the market for tooling that helped crypto users manage (not just view!) multiple assets, across multiple chains in a way that the likes of Zerion, Zapper etc couldn’t do, and the v2 app has made great strides towards that vision, while also adding in significant support for NFTs, something that most wallets totally lack.

Frontier is a free to use app, and you can join their waitlist to sign up for the app and make your day to day crypto life that little bit easier.



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