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Firstly, let’s get the basics out of the way. $DOPE is a $LOOT derivative, but unlike other $LOOT derivatives, such as $BLOOT and $XLOOT, it’s not a scam, and unlike $LOOT itself, it’s not for DnD nerds.

For those who don’t know what $LOOT is, or why it is a different approach to NFTs and their ecosystems, take a look at this…


$LOOT based NFTs create an underlying set of properties that are on-chain, not a simple link to some IPFS file data, sitting on a server somewhere, that can be easily modified or deleted. This is super important when you’re creating the base layer for an entire ecosystem, as those who are building upon this layer can act with confidence this data is immutable, and can use it as a queryable source of truth.

What makes this so powerful is by giving out (and yes, like $LOOT, $DOPE were free to claim) NFTs with properties, a framework is created which bootstraps an entire community of developers and designers who look at the NFT properties and framework and say, “I can build X on this”.

…the bottom up approach and exactly what has happened with both $LOOT and $DOPE.

So with the basics out of the way, let’s get into Dope Wars, $DOPE and $PAPER.

Dope Wars Resources

Website: dopewars.gg
Twitter: twitter.com/TheDopeWars
Discord: discord.com/invite/8q95QZKG5b
Telegram: t.me/DopeWarsPaper
Wiki: wiki.dopedao.org
Github: github.com/dopedao
DopeDAO: withtally.com/governance/dopeWars
Dope TV: dopewars.gg/dope-tv

Dope Wars is inspired by Drugs Wars, an OG game based on hustling around New York selling drugs, and the biggest and best gangsta game of all time, GTA.

Dope War NFT’s, $DOPE, contain items from the lore of these inspiration sources. Divine Robes and Divine Swords? Nah G, we rollin’ with AK’s, Rolls Royce’s, Gold Chains, Diamond Rings, Gucci Belts, Black Hoodies, Air Jordan 1’s and of course, a whole swag of drugs.

A hustler gotta hustle and look fly while doing so. Dem’s the rules of the streets…

$DOPE NFT Metrics

$DOPE Supply: 8000
$DOPE Contract: 0x8707276df042e89669d69a177d3da7dc78bd8723
$DOPE Holders: ~2100
$DOPE on Opensea: Opensea $DOPE
$DOPE on Dune: Dune Analytics $DOPE
$DOPE Items: Weapon, Vehicle, Drugs, Clothes, Neck, Waist, Hand, Ring, Foot
$DOPE Rarities: Basic, Rare, Foreign, Custom, Vintage, Black Market

Here’s a few examples of $DOPE NFTs to get your head around them.

Remember, like $LOOT, $DOPE is a NFT lego that anyone can come along to, pick up and build upon! Many different apps/games etc can use the same NFT as their base layer…One NFT = multiple utilities (and not in a shit, stake for yield and join Discord style utility…)!

$PAPER is based on the $AGLD contract and like $AGLD, was created by the community and adopted as the official currency of the Dope Wars ecosystem. It was launched via a “fair launch” model, by which $DOPE NFT holders could claim 125K $PAPER per $DOPE NFT. 8000 $DOPE x 125k = 1 billion $PAPER.

$PAPER is supported entirely via community liquidity.

As the official currency of the Dope Wars ecosystem, all in-game mechanics will focus on the utility of this token. When you’re building a world where money talks and bullshit walks, you can imagine the value of $PAPER as the Dope Wars ecosystem and games go through their adoption curves…each new game/game mechanic = more $PAPER utility and demand.

At the time of writing, ~6700 $DOPE NFT holders have claimed $PAPER, resulting in a circulating supply of ~838m $PAPER. There is no expiry on claiming $PAPER so there are approx 1300 $DOPE NFTs still holding $PAPER claims. You can view $DOPE NFTs holding unclaimed $PAPER here and you can view the real time supply of $PAPER via the contract below.

$PAPER Metrics

$PAPER Supply: 1 billion*
$PAPER Contact: 0x7ae1d57b58fa6411f32948314badd83583ee0e8c
$PAPER Holders: ~1800
$PAPER on DexTools: 0xad6d2f2cb7bf2c55c7493fd650d3a66a4c72c483
$PAPER on Uniswap: $PAPER Uniswap v3
$PAPER on CoinGecko: Dope Wars Paper

*Like $AGLD, the $PAPER contract has the ability to further issue tokens based on a DAO vote. This is not expected for the foreseeable future, but gives room for expansion once Dope Wars games are released and the ecosystem needs to scale up.

The DopeDAO

Unlike $LOOT, $DOPE launched with a DAO model baked into the contract. utilizing withtally.com. Both the $DOPE and $PAPER contracts are coded to accept and enforce governance votes made by the community. Other projects rely on a snapshot vote via NFT or token holders and then a group of multi-sig holders need to action the results of a vote. The DopeDAO skips these middle men (who btw may or may not decide to enforce the will of token holders and carry other associated risk vectors) and actions a passed vote immediately, completely on-chain. A true “trustless” DAO.

By launching without a proper DAO, $LOOT had to auction off some items to fund community development. $DOPE launched with this in mind and as such, from day one, have been collecting the 5% royalty fee on Opensea. As such the DAO is currently funded with ~130 ETH, around ~$450k USD at the time of writing.

What makes this important is that the project can fund development efforts by enacting community based proposals and currently has a significant bankroll that is only increasing as interest in, trading of, and value of the NFTs goes up. As new derivatives are built on $DOPE legos, more revenue will flow into the DAO, past the continual revenue stream of the $DOPE NFTs themselves.

This is one of the reasons the Dope Wars community have been able to scale up so quickly and already build some of the features listed in the categories below. Money makes the world go round…

DopeDAO Metics

Voting: 1 $DOPE = 1 vote
Governance Model: On-chain and enforceable via governance vote
DAO Revenue Stream: 5% Opensea royalty on $DOPE NFT sales*
DAO Treasury Address: 0xb57ab8767cae33be61ff15167134861865f7d22c
Current ETH in DAO Treasury: ~130 ETH

*Additional revenue streams are being added to the DAO and all derivative Dope Wars projects will contribute 5–10% of their revenue to the DAO.

Dope Wars Hustlers

Dope Wars Hustlers is the first development effort to build using the DOPE legos. Hustlers are your playa for the Dope Wars game,with attributes that count towards your in-game stats, and are also essentially a PFP, based on pixel art.

Dope Wars Hustlers work by utilizing the underlying $DOPE NFTs for character creation, however it’s not as basic and boring as loading up a single $DOPE NFT and creating a hustler from it. Instead, you can unbundle multiple $DOPE NFTs and selectively add items from these NFTs to your hustler.

If you’ve already been following the project and wondering why there have been an uptick in NFT sales, this is why. Instead of the face rarity of the $DOPE NFTs, playa’s are now looking at them at a more granular level, in the context of unbundling…

  • What items does a $DOPE NFT contain that I may want to use for my hustler?
  • What items within a $DOPE NFT do I like for flex value vs what items are most important re game utility?
  • What individual items within a $DOPE NFT will have value as an unbundled item once tradable?

By using the web app, pictured below and available on the Dope Wars website via Dopewars.exe, playa’s will be able to unbundle their $DOPE NFTs, configure their Hustler and trade unbundled items via the marketplace. Unbundled items will also be tradable via Opensea.

As per $DOPE NFTs, the 5% royalty fee on Opensea for unbundled items will flow back into the DAO.

Did I mention it costs 12.5K $PAPER to unbundle a $DOPE NFT? Interesting…Unbundling is a one time process and the underlying $DOPE NFT is unaffected. It’s a lego remember?

Naming your Hustler will also cost $PAPER. Nothing in life is free…You’re starting to get the possibilities of $PAPER utility now right?

Of course, you can’t create a hustler without a base token to associate it with.

And you also need to include some other cosmetic properties that are not included in $DOPE NFTs.

The end result?

This one is nerdy, but super cool, and is really pushing the boundaries of this type of tech…almost all of this happens on chain.

Dope Wars Hustlers have now moved into the final stages of testing prior to release. You can even see what unbundled items will look as individual and tradable NFTs already…


For those looking to purchase $DOPE NFTs in order to unbundle them and create a hustler, here’s some Discord alpha. This directly affects in-game ability and cosmetics.

You can read the full and already passed/enacted Hustler proposal here.

Initial Dope Wars Game

Development efforts are currently predominantly focused on creating an on-chain and updated version of Drug Wars. You might already be thinking to yourself, $DOPE and $PAPER are on ETH, good luck making a game on that, the gas fees will kill it before you even start. If you are, well, you’d be right, but, that’s why the game is being built on, and in partnership with, StarkWare on L2, faster, cheaper…blah blah blah.

You may have already heard of StarkWare in the context of dydx. For those who haven’t this is what you want to check out —

StarkWare have matched the development grant from the DopeDAO (5 ETH each).


StarkWare has a member of their team contributing to the code base.

StarkWare’s CEO and Co-founder has publicly tweeted about Dope Wars.


What this essentially means, is that past being the first gaming project built on StarkWare’s L2, StarkWare themselves could conceivably use Dope Wars as a proof of concept to push adoption of other projects building on or migrating over to StarkWare. I’ll let you figure out what that could mean over time…

It would be kinda lame to just clone Drug Wars and put it on-chain, especially when Drug Wars was limited to just New York and the Dope Wars ecosystem has 19 different cities…The game play changes are a LOT to cover in a TLDR article that is…well already too long to read, so I encourage you to read the full proposal and in the meantime, here’s some screenshots of the thoughts in action…

Keep in mind, the main changes to the original game, past putting it on L2 and making it work with $DOPE NFTs and Hustlers, is creating a play to earn model and a functioning in-game economy for $PAPER..

You can read the full L2 Dope Wars game proposal here.

You can also check out the code for the L2 Dope Wars game on Github.

The Dope Wars Metaverse

A proposal in progress, Dope Wars Territories aims to add an additional lego to the Dope Wars ecosystem, land that can be used as both an in-game mechanic and also as the basis of the Dope Wars Metaverse.

By using Dope Wars Territories legos, and by following a similar process to previous blockchain metaverse and land sales, the Dope Wars community would be able to create 19 different interconnected sandboxes, initially represented as a 2d map, but with the ability to eventually grow this into a 3d metaverse similar to Decentraland, with the eventual goal being the “GTA on the blockchain”.

This is the suggestion in regards to how these NFTs could be used for in-game mechanics.

This is a suggestion of how the NFTs would be plotted.

This is a TLDR on how it would all work. As with any lego built on $DOPE, you’d need to hold $DOPE to claim them (the proposal states they would be free to mint for $DOPE holders).

I dunno about you, but a “GTA on the blockchain” sounds pretty fuckn cool to me.

You can read the full Dope Wars Territories proposal in progress here.

Future Development on Dope Wars Legos

There is already a raft of ideas being worked on to expand game play within the Dope Wars ecosystem. This is the beauty of NFT legos.

Low hanging fruit like clones of existing old school arcade games are underway. Suggestions include old school fighters and scrolling games, and even a clone of the old classic Paperboy. After all, there’s a tricycle item in $DOPE NFTs, would be a waste to not use it right?

These arcade Dope Wars games would most likely be hosted within the Dope Wars web app.


Of course, you’ll need $PAPER to play the games, and they’ll be a play to earn model baked in, where the victor will take the spoils…$PAPER.



The following data is provided without comment…but you get the point…

$LOOT Floor: 5 ETH
$AGLD Marketcap: ~$300m

$DOPE Floor: 0.12 ETH
$PAPER Marketcap: ~$30m


This article isn’t written in a bag shilling attempt, there are plenty of others who are already doing that. The point of this article is to provide a clear insight into what has been done, what is being done, and what is to come in the Dope Wars Ecosystem. An explainer for anyone new to Dope Wars and to express the vision of what could eventually become the “GTA of the blockchain”.


This is a call to action to any developers, designers, artists and anyone else who wants to be involved in building out the Dope Wars ecosystem. If you’ve read this article and the lore, ideas and vision resonate with you…come build with us!

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