How to Delegate to the Wolf Crypto VideoCoin Worker Node

A detailed guide showing you how to delegate your VID to the Wolf Crypto VideoCoin worker node.

TL;DR Requirements —

  • A Metamask wallet with a small amount of ETH (recommended $100 worth of ETH, though this may be less or more depending on the ETH network at the time) and however many VID tokens you want to stake.

You can purchase VID on Kucoin via the following link —

  • A web browser connected to your Metamask wallet
  • 5–10 minutes to delegate your stake from start to finish

Step 1

Add VID in as a custom token in Metamask. The details are as follows —

Custom Token Address: 0x2c9023bbc572ff8dc1228c7858a280046ea8c9e5

Token Symbol: VID

Decimals: 18

If you’re not sure how to do this, you can follow this simple guide from Metamask themselves —

Step 2

Visit the VideoCoin staking website and connect your Metamask wallet —

Step 3

On the VideoCoin staking page, click on the Wolf Crypto worker node —

Step 4

Choose the amount you would like to stake, in this example we have chosen 100%, the full balance of the VID tokens we have in our Metamask wallet —

Step 5

Once you have done so, then click on the “Stake Tokens” button.

You’ll also need to approve two transactions from Metamask. Once is approval for the VideoCoin staking website to “spend” your tokens, the second is to move them into the delegated staking address for the Wolf Crypto worker node.

You’ll then need to wait for the transactions to confirm.

Step 6

Once both transactions have been confirmed you’ll receive this message —

Congratulations, your stake is now active on the Wolf Crypto VideoCoin Worker Node!

If you refresh the Wolf Crypto worker node page, you’ll now see your personal stake balance is updated!

You can calculate your VID APY by visiting the following website and using their staking calculator. Remember 8% is the base APY a delegated token holder will earn using our node. Delegated stakers will also share in

You can see what work our node is processing at any point in time by visiting the link below —

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