Ultra (UOS) IEO Review

Ultra — The Future of Games Distribution
Ultra — A very dry and monotone promotional video
The non Blockchain tech behind Ultra

1 — The Ultra Desktop Application

The Ultra Desktop Application
Ultra Miner — One Click Mining Solution

2 — The Ultra Go Companion App

Ultra Go App Features

3 — The Ultra SDK

Ultra Open Blockchain Framework
Supported Ultra Developer Environments
Ultra SDK Example, Point and Click Operations for Gaming Achievements
Ultra Cloud Code Examples
  • Gamers
  • Progressive Software downloading technology allows players to play immediately.
  • Get exclusive games only available on Ultra.
  • Re-sell second-hand digital games.
  • Access tournaments, item-trading, and more through the open platform.
  • Community rewards and referral program.
  • Installing the Mobile App
  • Installing a Free-to-play game
  • Trading of Digital Goods
  • Referring Players or Devs
  • Participation in Betas
  • Viewing Ads
  • Participating in Rewards Program
  • Reporting Bugs
  • Writing Reviews
  • Sharing Content on Social networks
  • Competing in Contests
  • Game Developers
NFT Creation Options on Ultra
Source — https://medium.com/ultra-io/token-metrics-and-allocation-ca5d1de41ce2
Ultra Content Distribution Tech
Ultra Supply Side Platform Ad Tech Delivery
Ultra Demand Side Platform Ad Tech Delivery
Ultra Ad Tech
  • Influencers
Ultra Infulencer Referral Program Details
Ultra Generic Referral Program Details

The Ultra Blockchain

Ultra Blockchain Comparison

Token Utility

  • Payment for games and items (primary and secondary)
  • P2P transfer of value
  • Ad spend and Ad revenue paid in UOS
  • User rewards and referrals are paid in UOS
  • Mined crypto is converted to UOS
  • Creation of NFT’s
Potential Betting Utility Case, Source — https://medium.com/ultra-io/token-metrics-and-allocation-ca5d1de41ce2
  • Consumable in-game items
  • Item subscriptions
  • Game subscriptions
Ultra — Fiat Gateway
Staking (Stacking) Incentives on UOS

Token Metrics

UOS Token Distribution
Ultra — Assumed Marketcaps & Token Distribution
  • 5% of all Ultra’s game sales profits are locked for at least 2 years.
  • 10% of all games sales are frozen (to serve as collateral for refund requests) for 2 months.
  • The 10% company reserve will only be unlocked once Ultra has reached 1 million monthly active users.
UOS Token Release Schedule


Ultra — Gaming Distribution Platform Comparison


Ultra — Current Partnerships
  • Mystery Chinese Partnership
Ultra — Subor Connection Part One
Ultra — Subor Connection Part Two
Source — https://medium.com/ultra-io/token-metrics-and-allocation-ca5d1de41ce2
  • Additional Gaming Partnerships
  • Other Partnerships


Ultra Roadmap


Ultra — Management Team
  • Project Manager Cristian Rizea
Ultra — Advisory Team


  • Ultra IEO to be hosted on Tokinex on the 16th of July
  • IEO hardcap of $5m USD. Total project hardcap of $11.4m USD
  • Initial circulating supply of $5m USD, increasing to $7m USD on 3 months and $11m USD at the 6 month mark
  • Currently in closed beta. Initial product release in Q3 2019. Full product release in Q4 2019
  • Ultra application will come pre-shipped with hardware from a MAJOR hardware manufacturer
  • Several MAJOR unannounced gaming partnerships to come post IEO
  • Over 100 game publishers currently signed on to distribute games via Ultra
  • Bitfinex is a partner in the project
  • EOS fork, supporting 11K-100K+ TPS with a bespoke NFT implementation
  • UOS tokens can be purchased using a credit/debit card directly on the app
  • NFT tokens can be created using UOS tokens
  • Platform includes bespoke Content Distribution, Overlay and Ad Delivery tech as additional USP’s
  • 50% of Ultra’s share of game sales revenue is redistributed to players and developers
  • Developers who release games on Ultra can receive an additional 21% in revenue share as compared to other games distribution platforms
  • Gamers have the ability to resell games and items using UOS tokens on the platform (via the secondhand market)
  • Referral program in place to gain critical mass and incentivise gamers, developers and influencers to join the platform
  • Rewards and staking programs available for both gamers and developers
  • Team has a long history in the video games industry with existing relationships with both major game development studios and hardware manufacturers

Ultra Resources

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Wolf Crypto is a place for ETH & BTC TA, ICO discussion, altcoin roulette & memes.

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